Growth, Decay, and Transformation

Now, let me just start this off with a two-part apologia: 1. The word decay has no place being on a food blog. I second (and third) guessed my judgement on using the title as is, but it makes sense and you don’t just go around half quoting Walter “Heisenberg” White. 2. There’s quite an embarrassing gap between this post and my last one and any excuse I could make for it would be totally inadequate so therefore, I ask you all to pretend that I have been regularly posting this whole time and don’t question me about it. Rereading this makes me realize that wasn’t much of an apologia, but I’m not about to start apologizing now.¬†Onto the serious (ish) stuff.

I’ve never been very good with words, written or otherwise, so I’ll try to be as coherent and brief as possible. I’ve gone through some changes over the past year, the best and most important of which is my new job. It’s a serious challenge to get up and be at work by four AM but I’ve been doing it every day for the past three months with the exception of perhaps two holidays. I’ve been getting up pre-dawn for months to bake bread. That’s right, I actually wake and bake every day (with a fraction of the fun of actually waking and baking.) Working the way that I do has definitely taken it’s toll, but I can’t think of anywhere else in the world I could be. I ride home on the train (not so) lightly dusted with flour surrounded by people commuting to work. It often feels like I’m on the opposite schedule of the entire world around me and I don’t really mind.

I almost feel at peace.

I say almost because throughout this time I never really had much opportunity to bake for myself. I figure it’s safe to say, since you’re reading this, that you know how wrong it feels when you go too long without baking. It is almost as if a part of your soul is gone. It drains you. So while I am certainly grateful for my job, I am equally grateful for the break from it that allowed me to find myself back in my own kitchen again full force.

I didn’t plan on including a recipe with this post, but I do have a Baking Queue that I will soon set up a separate section for. Yes, I’m calling it a Baking Queue because I am so totally over the whole “Bucket List” thing.

I’m putting in the effort to keep this second wind in my sails not just for myself, but for everyone reading who desparately needs to listen to my culinary wisdom ;)

Much Love,


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2 thoughts on “Growth, Decay, and Transformation

  1. Excellent article. I’m facing a few of these issues as well..

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